Terms and conditions

These are our terms and conditions which govern your use of our website. If you accept them all you are welcome to browse our site but if you do not then regretfully we must insist that you leave it straightaway and do not keep any copies of it, for any purpose whatsoever.

The relationship between yourself and us

We do not have any contractual relationship between us whatsoever. There is no charge made for browsing this website and therefore no contract between us exists. This means that we bear no liability towards you for anything that may affect you as a result of you browsing this site, and you agree to accept this.

Accuracy of information on this site

As this site was made for entertainment only we have not carried out any checks on the information that we have published. We therefore make no warranty whatsoever that it is accurate, up-to-date or fit for purpose. You agree that you will use this website purely for your own entertainment and that you will not make use of any information on this site for any purpose. Should you do so you agree that you will not hold any person who has been involved with the creation or hosting of this site responsible for any adverse effects that you or any other third party may suffer.


Everything on this website from the visual design to the imagery has been created by the owners of this website who therefore hold copyright to all of this material. You agree that you will not make any kind of use of this material for your own purposes or those of any other person. Should you do so you agree to reimburses for any reasonable costs that we occur to prevent abuse of our copyright, as well as adequate compensation.

Sites that we link to

Our website may carry hyperlinks to other websites. These are completely separate websites to our own and owned by different people. Whether or not you visit these websites is entirely at your own risk and you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any problems which occur as a result of you visiting these websites, or having any dealings whatsoever with the owners of these websites.

Website security

Although we make all reasonable efforts to keep our website secure we cannot guarantee that it will remain free from harmful computer viruses, attempts to get hold of your personal information, misleading information, or any other illegal or unethical content embedded in the site by hackers. You agree that you will rely upon your own security systems such as antivirus programs to keep your Internet connected devices safe, and that you absolve us from all responsibility should your Internet connected device or devices be affected in any way as a consequence of our site being compromised.

Relevant legal authority

You agree that in the unlikely event of a dispute between us which requires a decision by a court of law, the only court of law which will be accepted will be one of the United Kingdom, specifically under the laws of England and Scotland.

Variations to these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions in the future for any reason that we consider relevant. If this happens the new terms and conditions will be printed on this page and will come into effect as soon as this page is re-published.

Your acceptance of our terms and conditions

Again, we must stress that it is a condition of your using our website that you accept all of the above terms and conditions without exception. If you do not do so then your permission to access our site is revoked and you must leave the site immediately.