Welcome to my website!

Greetings. My nane is Adrian Berry and I am the creator of this website which is 30scars.co.uk.

I am not a businessman but a private individual who just happens to be interested in old cars, particularly those of the 1930s which I reckon to be the high spot in car design before mass production and computer aided design made nearly every car look almost exactly the same as every other car on the road; not surprising when you consider that parts are so interchageable.

The days when a car manufacturer would make most of a car themselves are now long gone; nowadays we have just a few companies mass producing parts like fuel tanks, exhaust systems, car seats etc which they sell to manufacturers all over the globe. This has helped to drivedown costs of course, so we now pay a lot less for our cars, and it also makes these components more reliable since the sheer numbers that are made means that any defects soon become apparent.

It also takes away, bit by bit, that individuality which used to differentiate one car from another. It is progress, but not without cost.

If you fancy getting in touch for a chat please do so; my email address is