Privacy Policy

How we keep your information private

Please read and give careful attention to this privacy policy. If you cannot agree with it then you must not use our website and services.

If any of the information that you provide us with refer to a third party you must get that third party's permission to do so and you must ask that third party to contact us directly to confirm this.

Who owns this website?

This website which is is owned by Adrian Berry who is responsible for this privacy policy, and who you will need to contact if you have any queries about it.

How do we collect information?

We may collect information from our website visitor logs, and communications directly with yourself whether via telephone, post, email, or text message.

Data that we collect

We routinely collect data in our weblogs about visits to our website. The information we receive tells us how many pages have been visited and when, which countries the visitors came from, what Internet protocol addresses they used, what type of device they use to access our website, which browser they were using, which operating system, and a number of other similar subjects. None of this information in our weblogs can be used to personally identify any user of our site.

You may also contact us directly in which case we will receive whatever information you give us. This information may be stored on our computer system solely for the purposes of replying to your contacts and providing you with any information that you have requested. We will not use this information in any way to contact you, and we will not pass it on to anyone else.

Processing of your data

We are allowed to process your data provided that we have a legitimate need to do so and provided that it does not impact your rights to privacy.

How we process your data

We only process data which is non-personally identifying and it is used for statistical purposes only in order to allow us to improve or alter our website as necessary. All this processing is done by ourselves and not by any other organisation and so all data stays within our own digital system.

Your permission for us to process your data

Since it is not possible for any owner of a website to ask each individual to provide consent we cannot contact you directly. However if you accept the terms and conditions of this website we will assume that we have permission to process your data in the way we have specified above.

Your right to prevent us from processing your data

It is simply not practicable for us to remove any non-identifying data which pertains to specific individuals since we have no means of knowing who those individuals are. If you are concerned that we may use information about your visits for statistical purposes then you should not use this website.

Deletion of your data

If we hold any identifying information about you we will be happy to delete it within a short space of time if you ask us to do so and provide us with evidence that you are the person to whom the information relates.

Your right to view data we hold about you

You are entitled to ask for any information that we hold about you in digital form. We will provide you with a copy of this within a reasonable time provided that we are given adequate evidence that you are the person to whom this information refers. We are entitled under current legislation to make a charge for this and we reserve the right to do so if we feel that your requests are unreasonable.

Websites that we link to

There may be hyperlinks on this site to other websites. These will belong to other people who will have their own privacy policies which will undoubtedly be different from ours. You should study their policies carefully to ensure that they meet with your approval.


We may show advertisements on our site and the advertisers may use cookies. These cookies will be used solely for enhancing your use of their services (for instance, allowing you to login, or retrieve previously entered information) but they will not provide any personal information about you whatsoever to the advertiser or any other organisation.

You may block cookies completely although this may well result in you being unable to make full use of many of the sites on the Internet. For further information visit or

How we will contact you

We will only contact you if you contact us first with a comment or query. Our contacts will be limited to those that are completely necessary in order to deal with your comment or query. We will not make any attempt to market any product or service to you in the course of any contact, unless you specifically request it.

Changes to this policy

We reserve the right to make alterations to this policy at any time. These alterations will be incorporated into this page and will come into force as soon as this page is re-published.